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Just feel


Santani fantasy dolls. I’m pretty sure I need every last one!

Surreal self portraits by Rachel Baran.

What small objects think when you forget them on the streets.

Tasuku and Muu, a little boy and his best friend.

Jacek Yerka.

Affair with existence.

As a kid, the urge to put a plastic bag over my head, to lick an electrical outlet was so strong.
I wanted to play with fire.
Now I cross the street without looking for cars.
And sometimes I stand a little too close to the edge of the subway platform.
A little too close to the edge of your heart.
One foot over the railing of your balcony.
I straddle the space between life and death.
Here and there.
Sometimes, you grab my hand and remind me to stay grounded.
I know you wonder if I love you as much as I love the view from up here.

(I don’t.)